Fred Adler

Frederick R. Adler.

The Adler lab group brings together empirical and mathematical approaches to study a wide variety of problems. We neither fear complexity nor embrace it for its own sake, but rather face it with the faith that simplicity and understanding are within reach.

Adler Lab Motto

"I'm getting really close to believing this is what I want to believe"

Katrina Johnson

2016-2017 Adler Lab


Pictured: Ben Hardisty, Katrina Johnson, Liz Fedak, Julia Inozemtseva, Samantha Hill, Kiersten Utsey, Laura Strube, Becky Terry, Anna Miller, Jon Seger, Vicky Rowntree, Emerson Arehart, Joseph Eason, Chris Mitchell, Cody Fitzgerald, Fred Adler, Connor Healy, Leif Zinn
Not Pictured: Damon Toth, Andrew Watson

2016-2017 Second Adler Lab Photo


Old Photos from the Adler Lab

2008-2009 Adler Lab Photo

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