Fall 2019 Calendar:


Fridays, π PM - (π+1) PM
'South' Biology 321-A

Date Speaker Title
Aug 30 sLaM Organizational Meeting and Granting/Modifying of Titles and sCienCe sLaM
Sep 6 Cody Fitzgerald: Switches: The hystery of an obsession
Sep 13 Emerson Arehart: If time in graduate school were exponentially distributed, there is no opportunity cost for trying ideas with a vanishing probability of working
Sep 20 Amanda Alexander: Is it harder to use CAR-T cells for repair or to repair your car to a T?
Sep 27 Lindsay Keegan: Going for a KO with my K01
Oct 4 Fred Adler: Cancer ecology and evolution Reflections on regulation in the face of error Extinction is (almost) inevitable Why I’m wearing Kevlar
Oct 11 Fall Break!
Oct 18 Alex Beams
Oct 25 TBD?
Nov 1 Liz Fedak
Nov 8 Jody Reimer
Nov 15 Samantha Hill
Nov 22 Eric Sodja
Nov 29 Thanksgiving!
Dec 6 Kiersten Utsey
Dec 13 Too Late
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