Spring 2017 Calendar:


Fridays, 10:45 am - 11:45 am
'South' Biology 321-A

Date Speaker Title
January 13 sLaM Organizational Meeting and Granting of Royal Titles
January 20 sCienCe sLaM
January 27
February 3 Anna Miller A heartbreaking tale of modeling:
This might need more than one tissue
February 10 Liz Fedak When you come to bifurcation in your model, take it


Slow signal detection and duelling feedback loops:
Demystifying the p53 response to UV damage
February 17 Ben Hardisty Aging: The topic that never gets old
February 24 Connor Healy Bringing the gig economy to science: chemotaxis displaced by chemoUber
March 3 Samantha Hill Plants form the "associational resistance"
to topple the animalarchy

Plans for march on Washington not moving quickly
March 10 Marc Lipsitch Let L = {all things Marc works on}
Let M = {Modeling and simulation to support trial design for complex interventions in infectious disease}
Marc will discuss L∩M' where ' indicates the set complement
March 17 Spring Break
March 24 Katrina Johnson The Apodictic Truth about Fat
March 31 Leif Zinn
Whether or not March came in like a lamb,
it is going out like a zebrafish lateral lion
April 7 Julia Inozemtseva Mathematical approaches to antibiotics inspire
biological approaches to antimathematics
April 14 Utah Symposium in Science and Literature
April 21 Kiersten Utsey Anti-drug advocates say: Do Math, not Meth
Math biologists say: Do Math about Meth
April 28 Becky Terry A turning point in a still world
Phenotypic plasticity in a constant environment

Potluck Dates for Treats: January 20, March 10

Other meetings

Topics, times, and places as listed.

What When Where
Theory Lunch Tuesday 12:00 - 1:00 pm SB 319
Ant Group Monday 12:00 - 1:00 pm SB 221
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