Participating Faculty.

Fred Adler (math) (Where is Fred?)
Fred Adler (biology)
Jon Seger
Vicky Rowntree
Damon Toth

Post-doctoral Scholars.

Chris Mitchell
Jason Griffiths
Thuy Le
Molly Rorick

Graduate Students.

Laura Strube
Katrina Johnson
Becky Terry
Leif Zinn
Samantha Hill
Kiersten Utsey
Liz Fedak
Emerson Arehart
Cody Fitzgerald
Connor Healy
Kees McGahan
Mitchell Meyer

Undergraduate Students.

Alex Beams
Katelyn Queen
Hannah Waddel

Cabinet of Curiosities.

Name Honorific Title
Fred Adler Advice President
Jon Seger Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Delusional Affairs
Vicky Rowntree Undersecretary of Migration
Damon Toth Darth Vader Ginzburg
Laura Strube Stress Secretary
Becky Terry Secretary of Revolutionary Recology
Samantha Hill Chief Just-Dance of the Supreme Contort
Liz Fedak Secretary of Coffee
Emerson Arehart Misspeaker of the House
Cody Fitzgerald Faceless Mid-level Bureaucrat
Connor Healy Senior Junior Secretary to the Office of Obfuscation in the Department of Redundancy Department
Alex Beams Chief of Staph
Jason Griffiths Composite Minister
Thuy Le Decaf Ambassador to Twiet-Nam
Kees McGahan Chief of Chill
Mitchell Meyer Secretary of Education (in absentia)
Tess Sheets Tessecretary of Tesselation
Jake Madrid Secretary of Unpaid Labor
Jaya Chief of NOAA (Noise Operations from Air and Agua)
Molly Rorick Secretary of Entropy


Post-doctoral scholars.

Suma Ghosh(former post-doc)
Samit Bhattacharyya(former post-doc)
Nicole Lewis-Rogers(former post-doc)
Subhra Bhattacharya (former post-doc)
Peter Kim (former post-doc)
Damon Toth (former post-doc)
Jon Forde (former post-doc)

Graduate students.

Leif Zinn-Bjorkman (former graduate student)
Anna Miller (former graduate student)
Ben Hardisty (former graduate student)
Joseph Eason (former graduate student)
Julia Inozemtseva (former graduate student)
Andrew Basinski (former graduate student)
James Moore (former graduate student)
Cari Maron (former graduate student)
Chris Remien (former graduate student)
Erica Graham (former graduate student)
Sean Laverty (former graduate student)
Giao Huynh (former graduate student)
Brendan O'Fallon (former graduate student and post-doc)
Noelle Conforti (former graduate student)
Luciano Valenzuela (former graduate student)
Amber Smith (former graduate student)
Courtney Davis (former graduate student)
Meagan McNulty (former graduate student)
Aaron McDonald (former graduate student)
John Zobitz (former graduate student)
Colby Tanner (former graduate student)
Tim Brown (former graduate student)
Thomas Hills (former graduate student)
Brad Demarest (former graduate student)
Adam Kay (former graduate student)
Stephen Proulx (former graduate student)