Contact Vice Presidencies:

Fred Adler - VicE president of wiTTy titles, eMaiLing, and perMuTations

Subhra Bhattacharya - Vice President of quorum deTecTioN

Erica Graham - vice preSident of gluCose reGulatIon

Ben Hardisty - ViCe presIdent of (leGaL) stImuLanTs

Deborah Johnson - vIce pResiDent of cUlturAl afFairS

Anne Kakouridis - Senior vIce President of intErnaTionaL rElatioNs

Peter Kim - Vice President of delInqUenCy

Sean Laverty - Vice PresiDent of sLaM sporTs SpectAculars, socIal sERvices (and webPages)

Nicole Lewis-Rogers - Vice President of stAyinG oN meSsAgE

Cari Maron - Executive viCe PreSident of iNternAtional aFFairs

James Moore - Vice President of sCrEEn ManaGemEnT

Chris Remien - Vice President of AV

Vicky Rowntree - viCe preSiDent of nOn seQuitUrs

Jon Seger - viCe presIDent oF raNtIng aNd rAvIng

Sofi - HonorAry vicE pResideNt Of eNtHusIaStic aniMalS